Theft on job sites*


Damages per Year*


Cases not solved


*only Germany (2017 projection) including stolen goods, construction damages, downtime and legal costs.

The Volberg Bauschutztür

Market leader since more than 50 years among craftsmen and building contractors.

Resistence class 2 (RC2) and 3 (RC3)

ALL models have either RC2 or RC3 and are certified by German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV).

Anti-burglary protection for excellent value-for-money

Door cannot be jimmied due to special frame design. ABUS profile cylinder can’t be pulled.

Quick door installation and high reusability

Installing the door takes only several minutes. High reusability enables customers to utilize the door for different projects.

Large choice of different versions

We offer eight different types and sizes of temporary security doors. Customized sizes on demand.

Details of our temporary security door

Hot-galvanized clamps that screw easily into the doorframe.

ABUS profile cylinder lock and security pin (RC3)

Additional fixture at floor panel.

More than 300 satisfied customers (selection)

Company history

VOLBERG was founded in 1927 in the German town of Bergisch-Gladbach, close to Cologne. Since more than 50 years our invented temporary security door is successfully distributed to more than 300 national and international partners and claims the market leadership in Germany and Europe.

Made in Germany

All our temporary security doors are produced in our production facility in Bergisch Gladbach. We stand for an environment-friendly production process and logevity of our products.